Art Déco:
our main source of inspiration.

We design and craft Luxury travel bags characterized by the combination of beauty and functionality.

Travel in Style
Avant-Garde Luxury Bags
We are Beauty lovers

We are deeply passionate about Beauty in all its forms and facets: people, art, books, movies, architecture, nature. Indeed, isn’t Beauty everywhere if you know how to look for it?

We are dreamers

We dream of a suitcase worthy of your next destination, light and versatile, which will be by your side in the most unconventional, luxurious and wild adventures.

We are travelers

We just love to travel, to experience new cultures, new people, new traditions, new cities and new forms of Beauty. To explore is to discover, and to discover is to create.


​​We source all of our materials from tanneries based in France and Italy, which not only produce among the finest leathers in the world, but also follow the latest guidelines on environmental responsibility.


231 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001
Paris, France
VAT number: FR75889801973
+337 71956905


Laura Lamarra
+39 345 578 7399