Art Deco: our main source of inspiration

Our major goal is to design and craft Luxury travel bags characterized by the combination of beauty and functionality.

We are Beauty lovers.

We are deeply passionate about Beauty in all its forms and facets: people, art, books, movies, architecture, nature. 

The pursuit of Beauty is one of the main pillars of Art Deco. It infuses functional objects with a combination of innovative design, fine craftsmanship and rich materials.

We have the desire to design products that are special and unique, we are driven to achieve  quality and usability and we love to check them down to the smallest details.

We are dreamers.

We dream of a suitcase worthy of our next destination, which will be by our side in the most unconventional, luxurious and wild adventures.

Our collection features light and versatile suitcases and colors and designs that reflect our passion for travel and that allow you to travel organized and in style.

Choose a bag that is strong enough to take you across oceans and mountains, in airports and train stations, seaports and tourist attractions - wherever your path will take you.

We are Travelers.

Travel to your next destination while traveling in time with your leather bag straight out of the 20’s.

We just love to travel, to experience new cultures, new traditions, new cities, new points of view and new forms of Beauty. To explore is to discover, and to discover is to create.

We believe that traveling is not only a way to broaden your horizons, but also a way to broaden your mind and soul.