Art Deco cities: Melbourne, Durban and Ashevill, where timeless elegance prevails

Art Deco cities: Melbourne, Durban and Ashevill, where timeless elegance prevails

Are you ready to discover three remarkable holiday destinations where the spirit of Art Deco flourishes? Melbourne, Durban, and Asheville are ready to transport you to the golden age of elegance.

Melbourne, a tapestry of Art Deco:

Melbourne, Australia's cultural capital, is a haven for Art Deco enthusiasts. Its skyline proudly showcases a plethora of Art Deco buildings, a testament to the city's architectural heritage. From the iconic Manchester Unity Building with its intricate façade and geometric motifs to the elegant Rialto Towers, Melbourne's streets are a treasure trove of Art Deco delights. Stroll through Collins Street and admire the grandeur of the Block Arcade, a masterpiece of Victorian and Art Deco design. Melbourne effortlessly merges old-world charm with avant-garde style, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is sure to captivate any lover of Art Deco.

Durban, a coastal gem of Art Deco splendor

Durban, located on the east coast of South Africa, boasts a wealth of Art Deco architecture that reflects the city's rich history and cosmopolitan character. The iconic Marine Parade showcases a stunning collection of Art Deco hotels and apartment buildings, where the distinct curves, bold lines, and decorative motifs transport you back to the heyday of the movement. A leisurely stroll along Durban's Golden Mile reveals the city's architectural treasures, such as the glamorous Art Deco-style Suncoast Casino and the charming North Beach Amphitheatre. Durban is a coastal gem that embraces the elegance and nostalgia of Art Deco with its own unique African flair.

Asheville, an artistic haven in the mountains:

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville is a vibrant city known for its artistic spirit and architectural diversity. Here, Art Deco finds its place alongside other architectural styles, creating a charming and eclectic atmosphere. The S&W Cafeteria Building, with its sleek lines and decorative flourishes, stands as a testament to Asheville's Art Deco legacy. Explore the downtown area, where you'll encounter numerous Art Déco-inspired buildings that have been lovingly preserved. Asheville's creative energy, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, makes it a must-visit destination for Art Deco enthusiasts seeking a unique and inspiring experience.

Embrace the spirit of these three unique and stunning Art Deco cities and let MPM - Maison Philippe Montagne be your perfect travel companion while exploring the world with grace and elegance.

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