We just love travels. We love to experience new cultures, new people and new cities, and see how Beauty comes in so many forms. 
We are particularly inspired by the Art-Deco style, and its pursuit of Beauty,
how it infuses functional objects with a combination of innovative design, fine craftsmanship and rich materials. Such is also our M.O. for product creation:
Innovative, Sophisticated, Functional.
We believe we can offer Luxury bags which look stunning and offer superior performance.

We believe we can offer these Unique travel bags to all Luxury Nomads.  

Every product, every process ever invented by humanity have 3 main elements:
raw materials, design and craftsmanship.
The combination of these factors - and the final weighted average is what determines each product quality level.
Raw materials.
In our opinion, the raw material is the most important of the factors, the base
of it all, the first indispensable step, without which product greatness cannot be reached. With it, and with the addition of the 2 other elements you can procure an outstanding product. Without it, no smart design or good workmanship, will let you ever attain the same level of excellence.
We love food, so we’ll take the example of cuisine: farm fresh or seasonal ingredients can basically guarantee that your food will be above average, but only a creative recipe plus good workmanship will bring your cuisine to a whole new level, excellence. 
Alternatively, if you would ever choose a cage-raised-fish flakes fed-antibiotics-and-hormones stuffed chicken as a base, you may perhaps succeed in hiding the insipid taste with some msg or a fancy sauce, or even good workmanship, but it will never ever reach any level worth of remembering.
It is the same with all products and merchandises.
Our 2 main raw materials are following : One of the finest of leathers for the bags, and for the luggages, one of the most essential of metals 


The look, the feel, the smell of real leather makes it the natural choice for all luxury leather goods. The full grain leather we use will have your bags last a lifetime, and can even be, if so is your wish, passed over to the next generation in your family. We work exclusively with tanneries in France and Italy, which not only produce among the finest leathers in the world, but also follow the latest guidelines on corporate ethics and environmental responsibility


Aerospace grade Stainless steel, also named Inox has been, in recent years, increasingly used in all hi-tech industries such as jet engines, smartphones, Formula 1 racing parts, precision tools, jewelry and watch cases. These industries have chosen this metal based on properties such as hardness, strength, density, malleability, ductility, resistance to corrosion and the ability to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. We chose it precisely for the same reasons, and also because our first cabin luggage will perhaps be the first ever on the market produced with this kind of metal.

All these qualities are often further enhanced, in the same industries, by the strongest color coating process available, the very technical process of physical vapor deposition (PVD), a micron-thin Titanium based layer which increases surface hardness and color abrasion resistance. Watch cases in bronze, rose gold, black and many other colors are made with precisely this process.Our new MPM cabin luggage body is produced with the very same alloy of titanium-based PVD coating and Inox substrate.


We are inspired by the Art Deco style, its pursuit of elegance, how it infuses functional objects with a combination of innovative design, fine craftsmanship and rich materials to achieve iconic and timeless Beauty. Our M.O. for product creation is directly inspired by it: 

Innovative, Sophisticated, Functional


Our bags are handmade in our workshop in the country which embodies luxury, and is reputed for its exceptional savoir-faire in producing leather bags, France.
Every MPM bag is handmade, and each is a unique piece made by a single artisan, like a work of art.

Each craftsman transfers some of his personality in his work, as a result the bag has a Soul that a mass-produced product will never have.
Their training includes travelling around France and doing their apprenticeship with different masters of the trade they have chosen. Similar to the famed German Wandergesellen. Once the training years completed, the rite of passage requires the aspirant to present a masterpiece to the board, and
if accepted, he will be initiated as compagnon itinérant, receive a new name and be given a symbolic walking stick reaching to the height of his- or her heart.
Some of these masterpieces can be seen at the Musées du Compagnonnage in Paris and Tours, and there, maybe, you will see one work crafted by very same master who produced your bag. 


Quality is our choice. Making products made to last is one of the best forms
of sustainability.
Most of our products are made of leather, and this leather we source exclusively with tanneries in France and Italy, which not only produce among the finest leathers in the world, but also follow the latest guidelines on corporate ethics and environmental responsibility:
New eco-friendly tanning processes, free roaming and no-hormone-no-antibiotics animals, fair wages for the workers, no synthetic top coat on full grain leather, recycling of waste water.
Our bags are made in France ensuring not only an outstanding quality, but also continuity of a centuries-old savoir-faire, conformity to the strict rules of recycling in Europe, and last but not least fair wages for all our artisans.