From the dawn of humanity on, we were all hunter-gatherers, wayfarers on sea, nomads on land. Then, around 10.000 B.C in Mesopotamia, China or was it
the Andes? Domestication occurred, of plants initially, then animals, and so we became settlers and then more and more city dwellers, most of whom wouldn’t know about the next village or town. The nomadic instincts thus long stayed dormant within us. And then, towards the end of the 20th century, the skies opened and plane travel started. We can now travel as far as we want,
where we want, and when we want. 
We are nomads again.


We are passionate about Beauty, in all its facets, people, architecture,

works of art, books, movies, people, sunsets on a city.
Isn't beauty everywhere if you look for it? Does it not come in many forms and sometimes simple architecture match elaborate architecture, for example? Or appear fleetingly because of a certain light, and then disappear forever
And we also do love the very special wonderment when you discover beauty, even hidden within ugliness, or in unexpected places.
All things that you can discover when travelling.
And we like Luxury. Because of the quality of the raw materials, of the design and of the workmanship.

So, we take great pleasure in finding and using things of Luxury, checking the small details, discovering the ingenuity of the creator who designed or made them, and sometimes experience this feeling of amazement at how long you can use them, if properly maintained, say, like a good pair of handmade Goodyear welted shoes, or a vintage automatic watch, and at the serene happiness of using them every day, at how gracefully those products age, especially when hand-made by artisans, which each piece special, different, but we are even more admirative of products which are utilitarian. Is it not so much more fascinating, and challenging to bring together aesthetics and functionality to make an object of beauty which is also practical?


So, when we go on a trip, we do like to look good in matching colors, preferably with a stylish travel bag, a bag which looks different, hand-made, artisanesque, a luxury bag that we can carry for many long years because of its durability, but also a bag which makes our life easier, which makes us feel good, because it is functional, and has the right size, the right color, and the right pockets at the right place. 
The problem was, we just couldn’t find any bag which ticked all the criteria.

And that, in a nutshell, is the origin of MPM.
MPM goal is to design and to craft Luxury travel bags which combine
beauty and functionality.
Luxury Bags. For Travelling.